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Dutch (Nederlands) • Why Would You Want to Buy a New Iphone Every Year

Total Commander forum - 7 november, 2022 - 05:17
For its performance that will allow you to be more productive? For its design? For his new photo module? Does it really perform better than the one you already have? Probably not, but you want it, so you buy it anyway. In your mind, you turn this urge into a necessity. Why ? Because Apple convinced you. With your brand story, you put forward as arguments, the essential reasons that would push someone to buy your products or services. Your story encourages customers to trust their choices and guides them through the process.

According to Harvard , nearly 95% of purchasing decisions are made without conscious thought! 6 examples of brand stories that worked Now that we understand why brand story is so crucial, let's look at some examples that have worked remarkably well. 1. Nike's history of equality By background remove service emphasizing racial and gender equality, Nike deeply touched consumers who cared. It's as if buying a Nike product helps eradicate racism and misogyny in the world. They touched people's humanity and showed their commitment against racism and all forms of discrimination. The history of the Nike brand has worked very well, take inspiration from it. 2. The Land Rovers of the world The Land Rover brand has shown why the best brand story comes from your customers.

In this example, the ad spot that aims to drive traffic to their website takes place in a remote region of the Indian Himalayas, where drivers rely on a perfectly maintained fleet of 1957 Land Rovers to haul supplies and navigate. on the dangerous roads of the Himalayas. The story centers on the drivers and the communities they serve, and it shows the usefulness of Land Rover 4x4s to that community. With this spot, these vehicles become a symbol of help and assistance for people living in the most remote regions of the world. Seeing what a Land Rover can be used for , we immediately want to invest in order to encourage the brand to build vehicles that facilitate the difficult daily lives of people from hostile lands.

Statistics: Posted by Nasim — 2022-11-07, 05:17 UTC

Dutch (Nederlands) • Re: Interface vertaling versie 10.50

Total Commander forum - 18 augustus, 2022 - 17:15
De tekst "Druk op knop nr. X om het programma te starten!" is niet gecentreerd. Het nummer in de zin staat op een vaste positie in het midden, de vertaalde teksten komen links en rechts daarvan. (zie Center "Please press button Nr. X to start the program!")
Het is daarom het beste ervoor te zorgen dat deze teksten ongeveer even lang zijn.

Betreffende teksten:
5889="Druk op knop nr."
5890="om het programma te starten!"

5889="Druk op knop nr."
5890="om te starten!"

Statistics: Posted by white — 2022-08-18, 17:15 UTC

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